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Cass Profile: Other Performances


  • Cass participated as a chorus singer in Sandy Lam (林憶蓮)'s concert, which had a very brief appearance in the concert DVD.


  • As a guest performer in Aaron Kwok (郭富城)'s concert held in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen (China)
  • As a guest performer in Tony Leung (梁朝偉)'s concert held in Los Angeles, Atlantic City (U.S.A), and Vancouver (Canada)
  • As a guest performer in Andy Hui (許志安)'s concert held in Toronto (Canada), Australia and New Zealand.
  • Cass was the Hong Kong Representative of the Asia Music Festival in Yosninogari, Fukuoka (Japan)
  • Cass was invited to perform in a fund-raising party at the Government House. She was the only singer in Hong Kong who performed at the Government House before the Hong Kong Handover.
June 1999
  • Joint mini-concert with Candy Lo (盧巧音) and the others, organised by Metro Broadcast
October 2000
  • As a guest performer of the Metro Broadcast Good Music Concert

December 2000
  • As a guest performer in the AIDS Charity Concert

    * More pics of this event are in the Cass Photos section.
May 2001
  • A solo mini-concert (今夜陽光燦爛 - 騷羚夜) organised by Metro Broadcast was held. Famous DJ Gary Ngan (顏聯武) was the MC of the show.

    * More pics of this mini-concert are in the Cass Photos section.

  • As a guest performer in RTHK Mandarin Channel “Hong Kong, Taiwan and China Putonghua Contest”, held in Fushan (China)

June 2001
  • As a guest performer in Leon Lai (黎明)'s Malaysia Leon and Friends Concert, held in Genting Highlands (Malaysia).
May 12th 2002
  • Cass performed in a concert in Atlantic City (L.A., U.S.A.).
Feb 9th & 14th 2012
  • Cass performed in Wyman Wong's "Concert YY" show at Hong Kong Coliseum.

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